Barcelona. A City of Gaudi, Beaches, and Fruit. 

   My stay in Barcelona was one of late nights and lazy afternoons. To start, I need to comment on possibly the most fun Hostel I have ever stayed at! It's name was Saint Jordi hostel, and it's logo was a happy go lucky dragon. What made this hostel so great was not only the impeccable accommodations, but the fact that they had different dinner nights every day of the week, and after they would take you out on the town! More on that later. My first day it was a tad bit cloudy and there was a chill in the air, so the beach was a no go. Instead, me and two new friends mad our way to a free walking tour of the Latin quarter! Before that a short stent on European tours. In almost every city, there are free walking tours showing you different parts of the city's history and culture. These tours are guided by wonderful people who not only are incredibly knowledgeable about their city, but also love what they do! If you are ever in an EU country and not sure what you want to do that day, look for a walking tour! At the end of the tour, you tip your guide however much you feel the tour was personally worth to you, weather it be €1 or €10! Now back to the tour. Me and my new friends Sam and Alissa joined the group in the latin quarter, and got a full tour of the city, with the guide pointing out little tidbits along the way! It was a lot of fun, and definitely for those who want to not only see but to also learn! By the end of the tour (2hrs later) it was about time for dinner, and seeing as we didn't yet have a firm grasp on the subway yet (takes a few tries) it was dark by the time we got back. 

  I ate dinner at the hostel with various other travelers who were staying there. It had a very kinfolk table feel, as dinner was made together in the hostel kitchen, after which we all sat down together at a very large wooden table and ate and talked and shared. It was such a fantastic feeling conversing with others from all parts of the world and all walks of life over a great meal! Nothing like it! After a wonderful two hour meal, the hostel staff took us to their favorite pubs around town for a drink, after which it was time to hit the club circuit! Club life in Barcelona is in comparable to any other city I have visited! They really go over the top with everything! The club that night was called, "Cat Walk" and it had two floors. The downstairs was your random house music while the upstairs was a type of Jazzy reprieve, but the whole place had such a cool atmosphere created solely by dancers in full costume on podiums! Looked like an awesome job, just stand up and look fabulous! Sadly I don't think they were accepting applications at the time. Later in the week we visited other clubs down by the beach, and continued to be impressed! Amazing decorations, groovy musics, and masked characters on stilts! Yep, clubs in Barcelona are the best!

  The next day was our excursion to Sagrada Familia. If the Louvre is my favorite museum in the world, then the Sagrada Familia is definitely my favorite church! Though it's a hard win against Notre Dame and Sacre Coure. This church's construction was imagined by the architect Gaudi, and is still in the works! I was told that the city estimates it will take a further 80 years! The exterior is made in typical Gaudi fashion, with bubbly walls and crowning spires, the the interior is truly a marvel. After traipsing around the dimly lit hauntingly beautiful cathedrals of Europe, I wasn't expecting a place of light. The ceiling towered above held afloat by gleaming white columns, light filtering through openings from above. But what truly made this place truly ethereal were the numerous stain glass windows that filled the hall with brilliant colors. It felt like a place of light and peace more than any other church in Europe. 

   My other favorite experience in Barcelona was a local food market I found. For those of your who have read about my love of the Italian market place, you will have an idea of where I am going with this! For one, its huge! But while the italian markets focused on succulent meat, cheeses and local veggies, the Barcelona market was the land of fruit and chocolatiers! The varieties of fruit were astounding, and they were so fresh! Different stands had juices, smoothies, cut uo fruit, ect. Honestly its almost impossible to choose! So what do you do? You buy - you eat - you buy more - eat more - repeat cycle until full!but don't forget to visit the sweet shops for dessert! tons of gourmet chocolate and candies that will make your mouth water! And on that note, I end my tales of the city by the sea.

Travelers List What to pack? Swimmers, sandals, night out on the town garb
Money? They use the Euro, take enough for overpriced souveneirsm club entry, and delicious fruit!
What to take on a day out? Wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes, and sandals optional since you will mostly ride the metro. Also don't bother with the umbrella since you can dive into the nearest metro entrance if a downpour comes your way. Also don't bother taking your passport or computer, leave them in your locker!! All you need is your camera, the hostel map of the city, and a seance of adventure!
Danger? Avoid the beach after nightfall. What you thought might be a romantic midnight dip will turn into severe creepy men offering you a variety of drugs. This means don't go out the back entrance of clubs, since most are on the beach!
When to Go? Summer! Early May onwards, otherwise you will get a little chilly tanning!
Must See? Sagrada Familia


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