"Standing in their midst, you could feel your entire body tremble..."

My trip to Croatia was a brief, but enjoyable one. I arrived by boat, and was immediately taken with the port city. Some locals I met told me that the city was trying to become a primer tourist destination like that of Barcelona, and I sure believed it! the picturesque coastline with the white cobbled streets made one feel like they were in Neptune's kingdom! No talking crabs though. I arrived at my around mid day, so I had enough time for a quick tour of the small city. The best part, as per usual with most cities, was the open market places! fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade jewelry, and endless hagglers all within view of the tumbling, turquoise waves. That night, I left the hostel with a small group of travelers on a hostel endorsed bar crawl (recommended for every city), and discover possibly my favorite drink of all time! Medica, which is a type of croatian honey brandy. At the bar crawl I was also able to meet several croatian students who gave me the lowdown on what it was like to be a croatian, which basically means to drink (or so Ive been told).

 The next day I took a boat tour to some of the surrounding islands, which were basically small fishery towns that had an aura of close nit communities that have lived there for generation upon generation. We island hopped for most of the day, took a little dip by jumping off the bow of the boat (warning: only do this during summer or risk hypothermia!), and had a wonderful day just sailing about the icy blue waters. 


 The rest of the trip was spent relaxing in the beautiful coastal town, until it was time to head back. But this time, instead of taking a ferry back to Italy, I decided to take the 14hr long bus ride! Why on earth would he CHOOSE to do that you may ask? Well the answer is simple. Waterfalls! By taking the bus back to Italy, we were able to make a stop at Kyrka National Park, which is a park FULL of waterfalls! We went right after a big rain, so they were even bigger than we could have hoped for! Standing in their midst, you could feel your entire body tremble with the reverberations of the waters weight as it cascaded about you! Make sure to take a swim suit, because if the levels are high enough you can even swim!  

Travelers List What to pack? Swimmers, sandals, and clothes for nightlife
Money? They use the Kuna, so make sure you have your conversion rates straight!
What to take on a day out? Wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes, and sandals instead of walking shoes. Don't bother taking your passport or computer, leave them in your locker at the hostel! All you need is your camera!
Danger? Stay in a group when exploring local nightlife.
When to Go? Summer! Early May onwards, otherwise you will turn blue in the water!
Must See? Kyrka National Park


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