I was in no way expecting Londing to become my favorite European city. 

   I though of London as something akin to New York with cool accentsm and thus only set aside three days to visit, which I am quite mad at myself for! Once I arrived, I realized the mistake that I had made, and was in a mad rush to see everything I possibly could in the little time I had. The first day I did a general walking tour of the city, visiting sites like Big Ben, the House of Parliment, visited the Queens house, took a picture with a random fluffy hatted guard, and just got a general feel for the city. One of the first things I do when visiting a new city is to also make sure that I get my bearings with public transportation. Including arrival and getting situated at my hostel, this was about all I had time to do this day!

   Now, the last Harry Potter had come out not long prior to my coming to Europe, so I was in need of finishing my childhood dreams with a bang! No, I did not run face into a wall at Kings Cross station! (Couldn't find the stupid platform...). No, I visited the place where all the magic was made! Warner Brothers Studios!

   That night, I decided to go on a pub crawl with a new friend, after which we found a club that was in a old converted horse stables! We walk out around midnight to find an Indian curry stand which sold probably the best curry I have ever had! Then it was time to find a way back to my hostel. Due to the trains haveing stopped running, I got the opportunity to try out the night bus system! No, sadly it did not have taking shrunken heads. The whole system was a bit tricky to navigate, and I got home about two hours later, but the whole system does seem pretty useful! I'm sure I'll get it next time!

   The next day we returned to Camden Street, and found there was no longer a club there, but it's was now a consortium of shops and stands carrying everything imaginable from handcraft jewelry to spikes leather outfits! It was a maze of intrigue, and I could of spent hours lingering. Sadly I needed to press on after a bit because I had much to fit in before my afternoon train to Whales, but not before revisiting the delicious curry stand! I really didn't have much time before my train, so I set off to accomplish three things. The first was to visit the museum of London (which had more Greek art history than Greece did itself!), visit the Milenium Bridge (which was miraculously repaired after the Voldemort fiasco), and the one thing I had to do before I left was see a play!! Though I am peeved that Daniel Radcliffs new play came out two weeks after my departure, I was able to get tickets to see The Lion King! After which I had to literally run to catch my train! The next time I visit, I'm staying a month!

What to pack? Rain jacket! 
Money? They use the Pound Sterling, so get a good amount exchanged at the airport/train station! Beware! Conversion rates for Americans/Canadians sucks! Watch your spending
What to take on a day out? Camera, city map, student ID for discounts. 
Danger? The city is pretty safe. So just use common seance when out at night. 
When to Go? Year around! Always prepare for rain though!
Must See? You HAVE to see a play! Other must see sites are Camdon street and the Harry Potter exhibit! Be on the look out for wizards! 


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