"Echoes of old memories and voices etched into the walls themselves..."


A Hike to the Abandoned.
   We took a three day excursion to Umbria for a wine tasting, on the second day we were given a choice of either going to a cheese factory or doing our own thing. I chose the latter, and instead went on a 4 kilometer hike to the small town of Sorano. The hike itself was fantastic, though the weather was a bit overcast, and I was encaptivated by the innate quiet of the country side. I was tens of kilometers way from any city, and I probably had a total of 2 cars pass me over the entire 6 hour hike. I finally came upon the town, and was immediately taken with the eerie town. As I entered there was a small assortment of shops with the occasional person meandering about, but as I descended farther into this cliff side town, it soon became a place devoid of any life, aside from the occasional feline guarding its chosen perch. The general absence of humans combined with the twisting alleyways, plethora of staircases, and overgrown patches of moss created a scene of haunting beauty. It felt like a place where I could be spirited away at any moments, with echos of old memories and voices etched into the walls themselves. I eventually found a small dirt path that looked as if it hadn't been used in decades that led me to the very bottom of the cliff where I happened upon a small river and forested area. I proceeded to explore for the better part of three hours, which ended up resulting in about five to six hours of hiking, which my thighs sorely remember…


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