Kawagoe Matsuri

The Festival.

In Japanese, Matsuri (祭り) means festival, and is an inherent part of Japanese culture! In the middle of November, our hometown of Kawagoe hosted a very large festival, and was one of my favorite outings! A big part of a festival was all of the different food booths! In addition, there were booths for catching goldfish and turtles, haunted houses, and booths to buy masks! People of all ages would come, some dressed in kimonos, others in western clothes. During the summer there are even fireworks at the end! But the best thing would have to be the floats! Giant, wooden floats that have been passed down generation after generation traveled down the street, pulled along by local townsmen chanting. Riding atop the booths were characters dressed in garb befitting the god that their booth represented, dancing in what seems like a nonsensical fashion, but mesmerizing nonetheless. There were several of these booths littered thoughout the streets, and when two booths met, it was time for the gods to do battle! The two characters would dance as if possessed, while the crowed cheered. This would continuer until a winner was declared, after which the booths would be pulled in their separate directions, off to do battle once again! 


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