The Isles of Southern Italy
    I took three trips to some of the smaller towns in Italy, though die to camera corruption I don't have many pictures. In April, I traveled with a stident group to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, where we stayed in the seaside town of Sorrento. The first day of our stay, we tok a boat from the poet in Sorrento and made our way to isle of Capri, stopping by the Blue Grotto along the way. Capri was a little picturesque Cape Town that had a feeling of home. While there was a touristy area, further to the outskirts you could find normal homes and farms with lemon trees growing everywhere (don't forget to try lemon cello while your there!). There were actually two parts of the island; Capri and Anacapri. The latter was a few kilometers up the mountain, which we used a bus to get to, and offered the most spectacular view of the island and the surrounding sea!  Being a perfect, cloudless day, the sea looked like a mirror reflection of the sky and seemed never ending. At the top there were a few restrants and shops where you could buy a few trinkets. Our guides told us we have two hours, and that we could stay and shop, then take a taxi back down the mountains or we can take the local stair path. Me and my friends Erin and Nick decided on the latter, and were much better for it! The climb took us about an hour, but the entire way had views like paintings.

The second day of our trip we visited Pompeii! I was expecting hundreds of people frozen in fear as statuses, but there in actuality weren't very many. The most interesting part of the tour bowers actually the brothels, because they were still completely intact and had murals on the walls! Pompeii being a port city often had people from various backgrounds speaking various languages come in for trade. The brothels, to make things simple, drew several different murals on the walls, each depicting a different sexual act, so that men could come in and just point at a picture for what they wanted. I only posted one, but its interesting how many different murals they came up with, showing some things never change.

   The last day we traveled to a little town called Positano. We had been told we would spend the day here and could swim or sunbathe. I was a bit wary at first, because from what I had seen of European beaches I was expecting rocks, not sand. I was in for a very pleasant awakening. The town is actually situated on the side of a cliff descending done to the sea. The bus had to stop at the top, and we took the winding paths down to the bottom, passing through adorable shops and houses covered in vines and greenery, as well as a small waterfall trickling its way to the sea. Wisteria was running rampant across the town, and gave everything a purple glow while attracting honeybees. When we finally reach the bottom I found something I hadn't encountered before. Black sand. Thankfully it was indeed sand and not rocks and felt wonderful under your feet. Before us lay the wide ocean, and behind us the ascending town. Erin, Nick and I spent the beautiful day sunbathing, eating at some local sand which shops, and exploring the shops darting around the alleys. There were also wonderful street vendors lining the paths, sells handmade jewelry of sea glass and copper. This is most definitely my favorite place in Italy. 


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