Buenos Aires

"Chances are, other people you meet traveling alone are going 
to be incredibly interesting people."

  Never did I suspect Buenos Aires to become my absolute favorite city in South America, but it is a cultural hub with many a hidden treasure. My flight in was a bit harrowing, and after 1 lost bag, an hour trying to get store tenders to change my cash into coins for the bus (buses only take coins!!), and a two hour ride to the city center I finally made it to my hostel. One of the reasons my stay in this city was so fantastic was due to this hostel! It's called "Portal Del Sur", and is right next to Plaza de Mayo, giving you immediate access to the subway hub and bus system to get around the city. Some of the things I like best about this hostel include: chill crowd of travelers who do not feel the need of constant partying, awesome hangout area and bar, and nightly activities including tango lessons and mate tea tastings! 
   So now that we know where we are staying, what are we gonna do? Well the reason I really like this city is that is is entirely walkable if your up to it! So grab a map from the hostel reception desk and set off! The city has tons to offer in the way of museums and gardens, all of the shopping you could possibly need on Florida street, and make sure you cross the widest avenue in the entire world "9 de Julio" where you can also take in the obelisk and the giant homage to Eva Perón painted on the skyscraper overlooking the avenue. 

Here are my three favorite things to explore in this fantastic city: 
1) San Telmo Market: On every Sunday, the street vendors bust out the best of their wares and line up and down the streets of Defensa, Bolivar, Estados Unidos, and Carlos Calvo. Originally started as a produce market, the tradition has expanded to include all types of inquiries: vintage clothing, ha made crafts, antiques and furniture, and my personal favorite the most beautiful and interesting ha made jewelry you can find in the world! Definitely mark your Sunday for the market and the market only, as it will take you several hours to take in its magnificence.  
2) Cementerio de la Recoleta:  This is a massive cemetary located in the Recoleta district, and houses the graves of some of the most prominent people in Argentinian history. I know, kind of a creepy way to spend your afternoon, but it is definitely worth it! The many alleys of mausoleums have an eerie beauty about them, and the ornementary statues built over most of the graves are some of the coolest sculptures in the city! Around 1:00pm has the best light for taking photos, and tours start at 11:00am. 
3) Palermo: This is my favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires, with its cobbled streets and air of antiquity. It's basically downtown cental, with hipster cafes, book shops and eclectic shopping experiences you can only find here. I personally enjoy just walking through the area, because it has a quiet aura set aside from the city life. If your still around during the night hours, Palermo is the center of nightlife, so go bar hopping and dip into your occasional club. 


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