Who Am I?

Wanderlust; noun. A desire to rove about.
Wonderlust; noun/verb/adj. A way of life...

A sincere welcome to all fellow travelers! My name is Alexander Daniel DuBerry Hetrick, and I am a 21 year old male homosapien. I originate from small town Alabama, so on my passport it says that I am an American, but don't be fooled! I consider myself 100% a citizen of planet earth (will reevaluate once interplanetary space travel is achieved), who just happens to have spent an inordinate amount of time in southeastern USA.  I have completed a Bachelors in History as well as a Bachelors in Biology. I also currently speak English, Japanese, and Italian., and plan to keep adding to this list throughout my life!

About The Blog:
I actually started this blog after I returned from my year of studying abroad, so if the posts about Europe and Japan seem a bit disjointed, it is because I wrote them much after the fact and had to recall everything (ie. scoured my old facebook posts!). But have no fear, from here on out as I engage the wonders of this world I shall make sure to record them and share! Other parts of this blog include global events that I feel are inspiring or feel the need to spread awareness about, a list of Organizations that I truley feel deserve the worlds full support, eco friendly sites that caught my eye, and tidbits that I found interesting. I am sure that the blog will continue to transform and change as I do! 

Some things to know about me:
- I adore animals, especially horses and dogs! 
- I can spend entire days shopping, especially at markets. 
- I am a Yogi. If unsure what that means, it means I have an addiction to introduce you to!
- Compete Anime/Manga nerd
- I spend hours upon hours sitting in cafés laying on my iPad, and will search them out specifically for this vegetative purpose. 
- Two words: Chocolate whore. Don't show me it unless you wish for my food disposal superpowers to kick in. 
- Wine, coffee and tea are my major food groups. 
- If you snore loudly, I am too polite to tell you. Instead I will spend the entire night planning your homicide. 
- Tequila and I are no longer on speaking terms... 
- If watching Lord of the Rings, it must be done all in one go, and extended editions only. Harry Potter is split between 1-4 and 5-8. Snackage required. 
- Do not ask me to chug a beer. Do ask me to judge craft perfection. 
- I am a sponge that loves to learn anything new! Anything, from religion to politics to science to travel! Also if I say something and I'm wrong (factually) please correct me! I'd rather be right the next time I say it and be a little embarrassed now!

Places Visited So Far:  Canada, Bahamas, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, Guatemala


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