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To pay for my travels, I have saved up a bit of money and plan on being very frugal in my travels. That being said I do sincerely appreciate any and all donations to my travel fund! Know that all donations go straight to bus/plane fare, lodging, and meals (especially meals!). For any who are interested in helping me, you can donate via the following method. I have found the easiest way to send is by using the Paypal system. To do this, will will either need to already have a Paypal account, pr register for a free one. PayPal is wonderful, because if you set up your account with your bank account number, there are no fees for sending money to others, and is a very simple process. Not to mention it is COMPLETLY SECURE! PayPal has become a major means of going about online transactions, and is thus very safe to use. So, how to donate?

(1) Click on ---> PayPal
(2) Input [] into the email address! 
(3) Imput the amount of  your contribution! And click send!
(4) After this you will be asked to either log in with your Paypal account or create a new one

The proceeds go straight to my account, so there is no nasty paperwork. Also, the email above can also be used if you want to send me a message! Again, I sincerely thank you for helping support me in the best kind of education one can possibly recieve: Travel! 


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